Domestic cleaning services for Edinburgh and surrounding areas.
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Services and Prices

Belle Casa offers a professional cleaning and ironing service to peoples own homes and small offices. We cover the following Edinburgh EH Postcode area.



Areas We Cover


EH1 EH2 EH3 EH4 EH5 EH6 EH7 EH8 EH9 EH10 EH11 EH12 EH13 EH14 EH15 EH16 EH17 EH18 EH19 EH20 EH21 EH22 EH23 EH24 EH25 EH26 EH27 EH28 EH29 EH30 EH31 EH32 EH33 EH34 EH35 EH36 EH37 EH38 EH39 EH40 EH41 EH42 EH43 EH44 EH45 EH46 EH47 EH48 EH49 EH50 EH51 EH52 EH53 EH54 EH55

House Keepers

All of our housekeepers are very specially vetted and selected for domestic cleaning tasks and are fully insured whilst working in your  home / office .

Every Housekeeper is Fully insured to cover any Domestic Cleaning task that  you require in the boundaries of your home / office.

We have over 50 Experienced Domestic Cleaners registered with Belle Casa Edinburgh
Our Experienced Housekeepers are here  to listen to your specific needs and will provide a bespoke cleaning service tailored to your requirements.

We have often found that once settled in, our housekeepers become part of the weekly routine.


House Keeper Tasks

Whilst in your home the housekeeper can dust, vacum, polish, sweep, clean windows / appliances and much more beyond this, depending on your specific needs.

An ironing service is also available at your home, if required and this can be included as part of our standard service at the exact same very competitive hourly rate.

Our Housekeepers are flexible and you can change what is required on Every Single Visit, or the Housekeeper will be happy to take control of what is required each time. 


Our Very competitive rates are from £15.50 per Hour.

We only require a minimum of 2 hours weekly / 2 Hours fortnightly commitment, with no maximum; this can be increased in ½ hour blocks to accommodate your needs, even up to 20 hours weekly.

Reasons to choose Belle Casa Edinburgh

We are a local business running since 1998 and have proved ourselves to be the No. 1 Domestic Cleaning Service in the Edinburgh area, however as a reassurance we are also part of a network of Belle Casa Offices running throughout the UK.

We can provide temporary cover in case the housekeeper is ill or away on holiday.

1 in 5 of our new clients are recommended on to us by existing clients and we are happy to put you in contact with them.

Enquire About A Cleaner In Edinburgh
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